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American Chesapeake Club - Pintail Bottle Stopper
  • American Chesapeake Club - Pintail Bottle Stopper

    These limited edition American Chesapeake Club pintail bottle stoppers will ensure you get top dog honors amongst your fellow waterfowlers. This bottle stopper exhibits a lot of what us waterfowlers enjoy, from the "old school" traditions of hand-carved duck hunting decoys to the sharing of a nip of bourbon after a successful hunt, all of that is brought to the table with these drake pintail stoppers.


    These stoppers go through the same process as our decoys; hand-carving, sanding, sealing, texturing and painting. Meticulous thought was put into the head positioning and the highest quality stopper insert available was included to round out this carefully crafted product. These stoppers come with a cork stand to display it when its not proudly adorning the top of a whiskey or wine bottle. Each stopper is numbered and will only be sold until October 1st, 2023.


    A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these bottle stoppers will be donated to the American Chesapeake Club.


    Last but certainly not least... This product was MADE IN THE USA and we all know how special that is.


    Limited edition package includes:

    • Hand-carved and painted basswood drake pintail bottle stopper.
    • Brass stopper with superior sealing (5 o-rings) fits most bourbon and whiskey bottles, additional sizes available on request. Made in the USA.
    • Cedar Run Decoy Co. branded cork bottle stopper display stand.
    • Cedar Run Decoy Co. branded cloth bottle stopper bag.
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