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Coot Gunner Decoy
  • Coot Gunner Decoy

    Coot Gunner 

    The unsung hero of any decoy spread, coots are a great confidence builder when late-season, well-educated ducks are trying to cruise by. Not many hunters purposely target coots, but they’re plentiful and naturally mix well with all waterfowl species. Beautiful in their own right, the properly sized head, bright white bill, red eyes, and faded feathers of the Cedar Run Coot will have your spread completed, and even the wisest birds fooled. 


    Our decoys act real. Constructed with a basswood head, cork body, and our unique red cedar keel, Cedar Run Decoys allow for lifelike waterfowl motion in all conditions. Not only do hand-carved Cedar Run decoys look alive, by carving through the waves and responding to low wind conditions, they act like it as well.


      • Hand-carved and hand-painted
      • Marine grade sealer that reduces paint damage
      • Durable red cedar keels
      • Basswood head and high density cork body allows for lifelike motion
      • Weighted keels provide stability in high wind/waves

      Cedar Run Decoy Company stands behind all of our products. We will work tirelessly to keep you a satisifed Cedar Run Decoy Company customer.


      Ships in 3-4 weeks. All of our decoys are custom hand-crafted and we are focused on getting decoys in your hands and on the water while maintaining the highest level of quality.

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