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"Saddlebag" Waxed Cotton Decoy Bag
  • "Saddlebag" Waxed Cotton Decoy Bag


    Traditional waterfowling is a passion that requires an investment.... and Cedar Run Decoy Company has worked diligently and thoughtfully to protect your investment with the waxed cotton decoy "Saddlebag".


    Crafted here in America, these 6-slotted decoy bags are made to last generations while securing your hand-carved decoys in non-abrasive and protective slots that reduce paint wear. The waxed cotton material also functions to shed water, debris, and dirt away from your prized blocks whether they are slung over a shoulder or riding on the back of an ATV.


    The "Saddlebag" can be used a variety of ways and folds down to allow for easy storage when it's not carrying your dekes. The 6 deep slots prevent the decoys from slipping out while safeguarding them from tip of bill to tail.


    • Made in America. Made in Michigan.
    • 10.10 oz. Waxed Cotton Material
    • "Saddlebag" design allows bag to ride over boat gunnels, ATV bed rails, etc.
    • Functions traditionally over the shoulder or can be flipped to provide complete protection against debris, snow/ice, or mud.
    • Detachable waxed cotton shoulder strap
    • 6 large slots provide maximum decoy protection
    • Folds down to 10"L x 8"W x 2"H when not in use, easily stored out of the way while hunting.
    • Brass grommeted holes in each slot to ensure a quick drain.
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      Typically ships in 2 to 3 days

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